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System Solutions

We provide solutions to clubs, associations and restaurants. Want a system that can :-
  1. manage event notification.
  2. manage membership and customer lists.
  3. manage bookings.
  4. provide a blogging and commenting system.
  5. provide menus.
  6. handle takeaway meal ordering including indicating via a light, or via an email, to the cooks and chef that an order has been placed.
  7. display webcam feeds.
we can provide that.
You dream it, we build it.

We bring a broad range of skills and many years of experience together to provide interesting and innovative solutions.

If you have an idea that you want to implement, however how advanced or 'crazy' or 'wouldn't it be great if we could...' that it may sound check with us and we might just be able to provide it for you and provide it at a good fixed cost and with an all inclusive service.

We provide solutions based around small low power mini computers. They can be powered off the mains or off a solar cell based power system. Cameras and sensors and controls can be attached to them. They can be linked to Local Area Networks and to the outside Internet.

We develop, supply and install low cost interactive systems for clubs and associations. We provide smart kiosks, looped displays and signage solutions. We can add NFC based card and tag access and logging. We can add in RF such as broadcast receivers and CB radio systems. Tone triggered automatic broadcasts can be set up. Repeater networks can be established. RF to Internet links can be established. These are provided as features that can be enabled on the system.

We provide all inclusive solutions or we can, if required, just provide the microSD cards containing the system build and provide remote support. This allows you the option to buy in all the equipment in directly, install it, copy and put in the microSD card and fire it up where it will talk to our server and we will complete the installation remotely.

If required, we can link to the mini computers remotely and carry out any required maintenance remotely. This includes the design and uploading of web pages and the setting of configuration parameters. Alternatively you can manage the system completely yourself. You can provide and manage full security for the system.