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Bare Metal Systems provides a solution that provides facilities for :-

  • events - notifications and bookings.
  • blogging and commenting.
  • membership and parties.

The system is provided on a mini computer which is owned and operated by the individual club or association. The web sited is hosted on the mini computer and is owned and operated independently by the individual club or association. No part of it is hosted by Bare Metal Systems. There is no subscription to pay to Bare Metal Systems.

The solution comprises the mini computer and all the software running on the mini computer. The software comprises a combination of shareware \ freeware \ GPL software combined with the Bare Metal Systems solution wrapper. The shareware \ freeware \ GPL software is provided by the individual developers of that software under usage license free of charge. The Bare Metal Systems solution wrapper is provided under a usage license for which there is a one off charge. All individual developers of all the individual software code retain full intellectual property ownership of and associated rights to the software that they have developed.