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The equipment first needs to be bought in and the software installed and configured. If we don't have any in stock this process takes a few days. Outdoor cameras take a few weeks to get in. We do try to get a regular supply coming in. If we do have stock the installation can start immediately.

The camera, mini computer, USB hub, plug packs and cabling need to be physically installed. If the camera is being installed in SW WA we will do this as part of the service.

A static local IP address assignment and port forwarding arrangement needs to be set up - this requires access to your router - it requires knowledge of your router's admin user name and password for administrative log on and your WiFi SSID and password for network log on. Depending on your network security requirements we can either set the webcam locally on your LAN or we can set your modem router up for remote access and administer it and the system remotely.

To access the camera from your web site you need a page put on the site that links, via our web site (for DDNS), or directly if you have a static IP address, to the camera. We can set this up for you. This requires knowledge of the FTP log on details for your web site.

We can demonstrate the system on site to you prior to installation and purchase.

We can work with your onsite and IT support and website design staff or can provide a complete service at no extra cost.