Welcome to Bare Metal Systems 

Mini Computer based systems solutions specialists.

Direct to web site streaming web cams.

Smart Kiosks and Looped Displays.

Access Control.

Remote sensing and telemetry.

Smart TV Boxes - add on to existing TVs.


Mini Computers and PCs

We use mini computers based around the Raspberry Pi architecture. These are ARM processor based. These include the Raspberry Pi 3 B and the Asus Tinker Board S and their associated add ons. We also use a large range of plug in boards and devices where required. For Intel architecture we use Shuttle PCs.


We use the Linux operating system running Ubuntu Mate and Debian where Mate is not available. To this we add, as part of the building of the system, all the necessary packages. We design and configure the system and put all the necessary additional code required onto the system.

The mini computer systems are generally supplied as closed systems with configuration and control done via web pages on the systems.



We can provide support via remote access if required.